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Island getaways, waterfront retreats, mountop oases, and village communities, these are a few of our favorite things. The French Bay Real Estate team is the best choice when you’re looking to find the best properties, in the most beautiful locations, and get them at the best prices.


Our Neighborhoods


Our Neighborhoods

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Tell Us About Your Property Dreams

When you retain the French Bay Real Estate team as your buyer’s agent, you’re getting a group of professionals who make it our mission to act entirely as your fiduciary. However, before we can start representing you, we need to understand a little bit about you and your property buying goals. Please take just a few minutes to complete our specially designed buyer’s inventory located below.

Buying Basics

What type of property are you looking for?

What areas most interest you?

What is your main motivation for buying?

Important Features

What features have you been daydreaming about, saving to your favorite Pinterest Boards, or constantly clipping out of Southern Living? If you don’t see are particular feature in our extensive list, simply type it into the free form comments section. You may also use the comments section to tell us anything you’d like us to know about your dream property.

Home Characteristics Comparison

Consider this the extra credit section of our buyer’s inventory. By directly comparing a set of features, we’ll be able to identify specific neighborhoods, and properties within those neighborhoods, that are most likely appeal to all of your senses and meet all of your goals.

Ask Us Anything?

Embarking on the home buying journey is never simple, even if you’ve done it a few times before. Maybe you have questions about trends in the local market, tax consequences of a purchase, or general procedural inquiries; ask away and we’ll get you answers by our first scoping meeting.

Last But Not Least

What’s your budget?

How do you plan to finance this purchase?

What’s your favorite book or movie?

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Thank you for slogging your way through that inventory! We’re going to analyze your results and reach out with specific next steps that will help move this process along. We’re fully committed to making your property buying experience a success by catering to all of your needs.